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From Sustainable Landfilling  

From Sanitary to Sustainable
Landfilling - why, how, and when?

1st International Conference on Final Sinks
September 23 – 25, 2010 Vienna, Austria
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Waste management is experiencing a fast transition from landfilling to sophisticated recycling and waste to energy plants. Thus, the question arises: Is there still a need for landfilling in the future, and if yes, how should landfills be designed and operated in order to become sustainable?
The conference will focus on the following topics:
A. Future needs for landfilling
B. Monitoring & modeling of landfill gas and liquid emissions
C. Life Cycle Analysis of landfills
D. Sustainable landfilling (definition and implementation)
E. Landfilling of biodegradable waste and waste stability
F. Landfill aftercare, fate of emerging contaminants, and natural attenuation
G. Landfill strategies (e.g. enhanced bioreactor, inorganic final storage)
H. Long term performance of technical landfill elements
I. Landfills as resources - landfill mining
J. Final storage and final sinks
The last day of this 3 day conference will be reserved for the specific issue of landfilling in developing countries.

The conference is intended for experts from academia, research & development institutions, administrators in the fields of waste management and environmental protection, waste management companies, consultants in the fields of waste and environmental management, insurance companies and others. In particular, members of developing countries are invited to attend this conference and especially the 3rd day which is directed towards issues of landfilling in emerging economies.

The conference will be jointly organized by Aalto University, School of Science and Technology, Lahti Centre and Vienna University of Technology.
Vienna University of Technology - Kuppelsaal, 1040 Vienna, Karlsplatz 13
Kuppelsaal 2
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